Kat Von D’s breakup with Jesse James has her questioning press tour


Whenever you have a new season of a TV show, it becomes standard operating procedure that you go out an do a press tour of sorts before the new season stars. Unfortunately for “LA Ink” star Kat Von D, she had an entire tour booked before her breakup with Jesse James.

As we all found out on Wednesday with the “Good Day LA” debacle, it is taking a toll on her — and it is something she alludes to a rather lengthy note on Facebook:

“I never before felt as solid and strong – even though the world said different by all the criticism. Lost a lot of friends, and even caused turmoil within some of my family members because of the [expletive] the media put out there… Some fans even changed their perception of who they thought I was… never planned on walking away from this relationship.

“[Today a] new season of ‘L.A. Ink’ starts and I admit I’m not strong enough to do all the press I committed to doing for the show.”

Jesse has still not opened up further about the breakup, but suggested in a post of his own on Twitter that it is taking an emotional toll:

“I like to think I’m a pretty tough [guy], but today I feel an overwhelming amount of weakness. I guess I just need to keep working harder.”

Since both of these two seem to both be in pain about losing each other, we have to ask the question — what do you think the chances are that they could get back together?

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