‘Royal Pains’ review: Everything begins again

Change is here.

After watching Wednesday night’s new episode of “Royal Pains,” it’s hard to be certain just what we think about it. Fans of a certain storyline may feel disappointed — meanwhile, those who hated it may very well be pleased.

Our take? It may have been one of the strangest episodes we’ve ever seen of the entire show. There were fake zombies, the closest thing we have to real-life zombies in a patient showing some strange behavior, Divya’s mother making the decision to end her marriage, and to top it all of no mention of Jill or her departure at all. The plus? Evan and Hank found a way to get HankMed back together again — but even this happened so quickly that the payoff was not as great as it otherwise could have been.

The one thing we’re sure about? Seeing Henry Winkler’s Eddie again was a good thing. We still don’t know what sort of ulterior motive he has with peddling a book around town, but his presence at least did help to close a gap with the brothers that was as wide as the Grand Canyon last week.

The other bit of good news is that seeing HankMed come back together again still gives us the best of both worlds. We still get the medical doctor version of Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” in Dr. Sacani around, and he and Hank will both operate under the HankMed name — or at least this is how it has been explained thus far. The issue is that now that the bridges are starting to be built again, we don’t quite know where they are going. Was the gunshot at the end of the episode a sign? Something strange is happening with Boris (who we are rather pleased to see again), and it’s possible that this may be the catalyst to draw the brothers closer together.

We do wish that this episode was stronger than it was, but considering that “Royal Pains” is still better than most other shows out there, not every element of the story can be a slam dunk … or a panacea, to use a medical term.¬†What did you think about Hank and Evan seemingly coming together again, and of Jill being completely ignored all episode?

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