‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Did Lindsey Arnold, David Garibaldi stay?

The live show roster is complete.

The live shows for “America’s Got Talent” are now only days away, and we are starting to know the acts that are going to make it through to the next round — and who we are saying goodbye to. These performers were all part of a the stand-by group, and despite there being a few highlights here and there, there still wasn’t anything that could console us after saying goodbye to Andrew De Leon Tuesday night.

Since there’s no way we can detail every act that hit the stage over this lengthy two-hour episode, we are instead going to just touch on some of the notable acts advancing — and the ones who failed to make the most of their second chance.

Advancing acts

Lil Starr – We still are not completely sold on the appeal of an overly-excited child dancing around the stage, mostly because this still feels too pageantry for our taste. Then again, we’re not the judges.

David Garibaldi and the CMYKs – We expect big things out of David, mostly because he is the only person we had actually heard of before this season began. But can art really be exciting as a Las Vegas act? We’re betting on it, and this guy can do no wrong in our book.

Lindsey Norton – You can see the ballet training in every move that Lindsey does, and she stepped it up and even impressed some of her dance competition. A part of us does wonder, though, how well she would do on “So You Think You Can Dance.

Inspire the Fire – Already, this show’s version of “Glee” is getting a little bit old, mostly because they are a little too cheesy for their own good.

Donovan & Rebecca -By far, these two may be some of the best acrobats we have ever seen on “America’s Got Talent.” Ever. Watching Rebecca spin around effortlessly while gripped onto a rope was really a thing of beauty.

Turf – There was a battle of two great dancers in Turf and Stepz, but we gave the edge to Turf following his performance — though to be honest, we don’t know if we could watch either one of them perform for a full-length show.

Going home

Burton Crane – We feel bad for the genuine rappers who have to sit there and watch “America’s Got Talent” patronize some guy who is obviously there as some sort of joke. At least he didn’t make it through.

Stepz – With Turf making it through, it meant that Stepz’s journey was over.

Are you as baffled by some of the judges’ choices as we are, and what do you think about the live-show lineup? Be sure to sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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Photo: NBC

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