‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Did Janelle Issis make top 20?

Meet your top 20!

Are you ready to meet the top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance“? Let’s hope so, since the show wasted no time introducing them to us on a night that marked the sensational 200th broadcast of dancers showing off their talent in a way that wasn’t possible before on network TV.

The show was the first of the season in front of a live audience (even if it was pre-taped), and for the brief performance segments Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy were joined by “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel — who did her best over the two hours to prove that she is just playing a character on her sitcom rather than just a dorkier version of herself. Unfortunately, we actually found her to be one of the dullest guest judges the show has had to date.

Without waiting any longer, let’s talk about the top 20!

The top ten girls

Alexa Anderson – After Nigel Lythgoe forced her down our throats for much of Las Vegas Week, we’re actually suffering already from a bit of Alexa fatigue. She is in many ways the Ryan Ramirez of this season — everyone will know her going into the live shows, but that does not mean they will vote.

Amber Jackson – After being turned away from the show on two separate occasions in the past, we’re glad to see Amber make it to the live shows this year — and she also does not feel as overexposed as Alexa.

Whitney Carson – For some sort of cruel reason, Whitney and her friend / fellow ballroom dancer Lindsay Arnold were forced into the judges’ room together in order to to make it look like only one of them would be getting through.

Lindsay Arnold – However, they both ended up staying put! There are more ballroom dancers this season than there were at this point last season, and considering that none of them lasted long last year, we could ultimately see ballroom rear its head far more often in 2012.

Eliana Girard – If she doesn’t make it as a professional dancer at the end of the day, this ballet artist could be an actor with some of her brilliant facial expressions.

Tiffany Maher – This jazz dancer has been engrossed in the show since season 1 — and she also screamed so much after finding out her fate that it’s a good thing she is not a part of a singing competition.

Audrey Case – Another jazz dancer made it through! Audrey was particularly nervous after she saw Tiffany (who has a similar look) make it through, but this was the same sort of situation we saw earlier with Whitney and Lindsay.

Janelle Isis – While we still wish our krumper Mariah Spears made this list, we are pleased that Janelle is the first bellydancer to make it into the top 20 on this show.

Janaya French – This may just be us, but was there any reason for Janaya to scream that she was in the top 20 when there were only three people left in the room to hear it?

Amelia Lowe – As a commentor noted, we left her out by mistake — but it’s no slight against Amelia’s 1920s-inspired routines or her talent.

The top ten boys

George Lawrence II – He was a standout in Atlanta, and at this point we have to consider him a favorite to win this whole competition. He hasn’t had a bad dance yet.

Will Thomas – We aren’t even going to pretend that we have any idea who this guy is. If his audition was shown, we really don’t remember it.

Nick Bloxson-Carter – We don’t remember him, either, and we like to think that we would have when you consider just how teary-eyed the ballroom dancer was before the news came out that he was advancing.

Daniel Baker -The ballet dancer breezed through Las Vegas without a problem, and for him making it to the top 20 felt like a necessity after putting his career on hold for this show.

Cheon Wespi-Tschopp – We still don’t know how anyone is ever going to be able to pronounce this guy’s name, but his ballet solo at the end of Vegas Week was so impressive, we are not ultimately 100% confident that he is even human. Can we start calling him Cheon-Bot?

Matthew Kazmierczak – Matthew continues a familiar trend with the boys this season — we don’t really remember who this guy was, and his last name is impossible to pronounce.

Dareian Kujawa – Now, the trend of forgettable guys is over! He may have some pretty bad feet, but pretty much everything else the guy does is great — which was enough to get him through to this round.

Cole Horibe – We’ve complained already about some of the guys being rather uninteresting this season, but Cole is an exception — who ever thought we would see a master of karate and dance on this show? It’s such a cool, macho combination.

Brandon Mitchell – We really did not see that much of Brandon during the audition and Vegas rounds, but we are exciting about having someone with a background in stepping on the live shows.

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer – He was the only member of Dragon House to even make it deep into Vegas Week, and he’s now the only member of the top 20. We do think that he is the greenest member of the group on the basis of experience, but lucky for him he does appear to be a fast learner.

What do you think about the top 20 this season, and do you already have a favorite? Be sure to leave a comment and tell us who you think is going to win this season.

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