‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 trailer: Bryan Cranston is officially terrifying

Afraid yet?

After seeing teasers and posters up the wazoo over the past week and a half, this is the moment every “Breaking Bad” fan has really been waiting for — the first official season 5 trailer with some new clips. There’s not really that much in the way of the plot being revealed in the clip, that is unless you count Walter White telling Jesse that they are going to start cooking again. Is that really any surprise at all at this point?

More than any one individual moment — even the absolutely excellent line of “we’re done when I say we’re done” — the reason this trailer is so very effective is simply because Bryan Cranston is just so unbelievably frightening. When was the last time you saw a character evolve this much? If you go back at look at Walter during the show’s first season versus where he is now, he is almost a completely different person. He’s not only drunk on money, he’s drunk on power along with he idea of finally being “the guy” after spending years having to constantly following the orders of other kingpins is something that he relishes.

This trailer really proves one thing to us — to quote the great (and fictional) mind of “Lost” character John Locke – no one tells Walter White what he can and can’t do. He’s done being the sidekick or just the cook; he’s now the king. All hail the king … at least until someone comes for his head. We don’t know anything about whether or not Cranston’s character will survive the final sixteen episodes, but you have to be a little bit worried after what happened to the last few people who tried to run the operation.

What do you think about this trailer as a whole? Season 5 of “Breaking Bad” premieres on July 15 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Photo: AMC

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