‘The Glee Project’ interview: Tyler Ford on viewer reaction, positive outlook

Tyler Ford was eliminated Tuesday.

There is no questioning that Tyler Ford is an inspiration as the first transgender contestant on “The Glee Project,” and he was also willing to wear his heart on his sleeve throughout the entire experience. Unfortunately, this was not enough for him to overcome him simply not being comfortable enough in his own skin just yet, and it led to him being eliminated from the competition.

On Wednesday, we had a chance to chat a little bit with the Florida native a little bit about his experience as someone who was brave enough to put himself out there knowing full well that the reaction to him was not going to be universally positive.

Cartermatt.com – What has the reaction been like online to you being on the show? Have people mostly been supportive?

Tyler Ford – It’s been positive in part, but I’ve been getting a lot of hate that is definitely discouraging. I’m trying to focus on the positive people — most of the tweets that I get are positive, but everywhere else — on Tumblr, on their own blogs or the ‘Glee Project‘ Facebook page — a lot of it is negative. It’s sort of scary, but it happens to everyone.

Cartermatt – So what do you do when you see some of this negativity come out, and through this experience have you been able to form advice for some other people out there who may be going through something similar?

Tyler – I just have to remember — and where I always advise people — people who see you on TV or in general talk about you in life and judge you for certain things — [they] don’t know your character and you have to let it roll off your back. They don’t know you and you know yourself better than everyone else, and you can’t let hate speak for you. You have to speak for yourself, and always know that you’re an amazing person and you’re doing the best best with everything you’re doing.

As long as you are happy with yourself and your life and what you’re doing, that’s what really matters.

Who are you rooting for now to win “The Glee Project“, and are you going to miss the positivity that Tyler brought to the show?

Photo: Oxygen

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