‘True Blood’s’ Joe Manganiello gives ‘Today’s’ Ann Curry potential parting gift

Manganiello plays Alcide on the show.

If for whatever reason Ann Curry does end up leaving “The Today Show” this week, she can at least say that she had Joe Manganiello grind up on her beforehand.

On Wednesday morning, a good many of the stars of the upcoming movie “Magic Mike” paid a visit to the morning talk show in order to promote the film — and before a flash mob led by Channing Tatum chose to come out on Rockefeller Plaza, the “True Blood” star kicked things off by showing Curry some of the dance moves that he learned while making this movie about a certain type of “dancer.” (The name of Manganiello’s character is too obscene for us to even write it here.)

This film release comes at a pretty opportune time for the actor, as season 5 of his hit HBO show is a few months into its season. This year is going to be an interesting one when it comes to the development of Alcide’s relationship with Sookie Stackhouse — even though it is pretty apparent at the moment that there are some major trust issues there courtesy of what happened with Debbie Pelt and her death being kept a secret. Alcide also has to worry about an entire pack of werewolves that may be out for his blood after he made the decision to abandon his post as packmaster simply because he was not even remotely interested in taking on the gig.

If you were in Ann Curry’s shoes, would you have been as uncomfortable as she was having Manganiello show off some of his “dance moves” to your face?

Photo: HBO

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