ABC’s ‘Revenge’ spoilers: Josh Bowman on hopes for season 2

We still have a while to wait.

Season 2 of “Revenge” is at least close to two months away, but one of its stars in Josh Bowman is already pretty set on what he would like to see happen when it comes to his character of Daniel.

Is it really that big of a shock that Bowman is hoping to see even more action? It shouldn’t be — it’s every actor’s dream to have a meaty story, and lucky for him on this show it’s pretty hard not to thanks to all the backstabbing and twists and turns. Speaking to E! News, he elaborated on the subject by saying the following:

“I just hope [executive producer]¬†Mike¬†[Kelley] keeps me going in a direction. To be a pawn in the game isn’t really that much fun but to have a purpose and an agenda is what the show is really about … You’ve got to buy some poker chips to play in the game.”

Bowman also revealed that in the original script for the show, his character had gotten more than a little bit involved with Ashley after the engagement to Emily fell through — though this was not ultimately included on the show itself. Could we see more of this story on TV next season? It’s possible, especially when you remember that some shows love weaving together a rather tangled web for their characters, especially in a romantic sense. Of course, Emily’s own love life is already a bit of a shattered mess, since you also can’t forget about the shocker involving Jack and Amanda during the finale.

What direction do you want to see Daniel go in during season 2? We’ll have more scoop leading up to the premiere and beyond, so stay tuned!

Photo: ABC

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