‘The Glee Project’ review: Charlie and Michael vs. themselves

Stay professional!

Sometimes, there are weeks when you just can’t help but feel bad for an eliminated contestant, especially when they at least seem to be trying to do everything they can to succeed. This time around on “The Glee Project,” it was even easier to be sympathetic to a guy who went home over someone who, if we were Ryan Murphy, we would never want to cast in a million years.

It was Tyler who ultimately befell tragedy Tuesday night, as he was hit with what may be the hardest critique for anyone to hear — he simply wasn’t ready yet. He was too early in his transition to becoming a man, and he could not find a necessary comfort level that you need in order to succeed as a performer. We almost wish that he had waited a year — but then again, who knows if this show would have still been around then. The reason Tyler’s exit was all the more painful was because Charlie really should have gone instead. Despite winning the homework assignment and getting some one-on-one time with Naya Rivera (which he very much seemed to enjoy), he acted a fool pretty much the rest of the entire episode. He flirted non-stop with Aylin, tried to take over the music video, and really wasted Nikki Anders’ time in the recording studio. Somebody needs to teach this guy some of the following lessons:

1. Never fall in love with your co-star; and if you do, don’t let it distract you.

2. Even if Naya strokes your ego, you are still a small fish in a very big pond. It’s best to stay humble.

3. Remember that this is a job. Even if you have talent (which he does), nobody is going to hire you to then watch you goof off.

Charlie and Tyler were joined in the bottom three by Michael, who also somehow managed to stay despite bombing his last-chance performance and forgetting the words of “Lucky.” It was a rather bizarre week to say the least, and the only real success stories came from Nellie who learned to overcome her shyness, and Abraham who has apparently freed himself thanks to the magic of hair dye.

Do you think the right person went home from “The Glee Project“, or is Charlie really too big of a liability to keep around? Check back Wednesday afternoon, as we’ll have some interview highlights from Tyler!

Photo: Oxygen

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