‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Blue means bad

Could the blue team get any worse?

We have watched a substantial amount of “Hell’s Kitchen” over the years, but even we do not think that we have ever seen a team perform as badly as the Blue Team has over the past several weeks of the competition. Justin seems to be the only one of them with any sort of shot at actually winning this whole competition, and everyone else (whether it be whistling Brian or the inconsistent Clemenza) is just floating in the wind, completely uncertain as to where they will land.

Unfortunately, we saw this ragtag group of guys (plus Roshni) in action yet again on Tuesday night, and they proved their culinary ineptitude, at least when it comes to this high-pressure environment, in a variety of ways.

1. First, they lost a challenge that involved impressing some judges with Michelin stars to their names … mostly because Royce’s dish had a hair on it. Isn’t that the sort of mistake you see on a bad sitcom about a restaurant … and not on a professional cooking show? How is Royce even still there?

2. Things went from bad to worse during the dinner service, especially when you remember that Gordon Ramsay brought in some celebrity guests in Sugar Ray Leonard and Tito Ortiz to have a nice dinner. Even though Sugar Ray got his food, he had to sit through Robyn bragging about her past with his sport; meanwhile, Tito laughed maniacally as the Blue Team imploded to the point where all of them were kicked out of the kitchen by Ramsay.

Just when we were starting to think that the men were going to be evened out, Ramsay decides to send home Roshni from the team and the playing field between the guys and girls became even worse. Was this the right move? Far from it, as Patrick was terrible on the fish station — and we’ve seen Roshni and Brian pretty much doing half of a service by themselves.

Mostly because we think that Brian, Justin, and Clemenza all are likable enough guys, we want to see them do better against some of the strong ladies. We just don’t know if they are ever going to pull it together for a single service.

What did you think about Ramsay sending Roshni home over any of the men?

Photo: Fox

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