‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Andrew De Leon’s fate revealed

Who is moving on to the live shows?

Vegas Week continued on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night, and the theme of the last episode tragically continued — talented people either rising to the occasion, or completely blowing it.

Not only are we going to focus on some of the singers that stood out, but also those who will be performing at the live shows in New York.

Eric Dittleman – We still have no idea how this guy does some of his tricks. He may actually be the closest thing the show has ever had to someone who is genuinely psychic.

Spencer Horsman – This man is crazy. Who decides to strap themselves underwater to prove something? He’s more of an escape artist that a musician, but we like it.

Eric & Olivia – Easily, Eric & Olivia had one of the best auditions … and they did the same here.

Jacob Williams – Despite being the youngest comic in the competition, he is funny. Easily, he’s the best deadpan comic in the show’s history.

Tom Cotter – Tom is much more experienced in the world of humor, but it’s comparing apples and oranges. Tom is funny in a more obvious way, though we actually found a few of his jokes about his ex uncomfortable.

Sebastien – We still have no idea just how a mariachi act can make itself into a million-dollar performance group, but Sebastien is definitely talented.

Edon – The best singer on this season is a 14-year old who performs in the most colorful yarmulke we have ever seen in our life. His take on “Without You” was stunning.

Before we close, we do have to talk about a pair of performers who did not make it through. First, we turn to Tim Poe. For those who thought that producers would edit the controversial soldier out entirely, they didn’t — but it was just a brief moment in a package, and the judges said afterwards that his vocals were not on par with the other singers. Considering that this was filmed before it was revealed that he lied about some of his military history, all the judges could really do was criticize him.

Meanwhile, we were stunned to see that Andrew De Leon was not put forward … while the guy who auditioned to “The Love Boat” did. Granted, Andrew completely blew it during his Vegas performance — but if this show is about talent, doesn’t he still have it?

What do you think about some of the decisions made, and about some of the shockers?

Photo: NBC

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