‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: A Black Swan shocker

Now we know.

It has been a few months since we first saw the Black Swan featured on “Pretty Little Liars,” but on Tuesday night we received what was ultimately an answer to the key question: who wore the dress to the masquerade ball during the season 2 finale.

(Warning: The following contains spoilers.)

Even though it may not be much of a shock to learn that Melissa Hastings was somehow involved in this mess, it was really why she was involved that provided the jaw-dropping moment of the episode. Like with the Liars, she has been the victim of blackmail over faking her pregnancy, mostly because she didn’t know how to deal with the fact that she actually lost both Ian and the baby in a short amount of time. She was told to wear the dress to the party, and assumed that Mona was the one responsible for putting her in that situation since she never received another threat again.

However, what Melissa is about to realize is that things are going to explode in Rosewood. Mona has been temporarily banned from seeing visitors, but she has clearly been communicating with someone from the outside. Is it Lucas? We doubt that his intentions are anything so sinister. We’re more inclined that it could be someone surprising like Wren. Even though this episode was really rather light on the “A” front, she still makes an enormous impact — mostly in that Hanna’s continued decision to keep secrets about her from Caleb has led to the two breaking up. We do still think that this couple is meant to be, but they seriously have to work on some major trust issues before they get to a point where they can actually be together again.

The only other story of note this week was seeing Maya’s cousin creep out slightly on Emily after he showed up in Rosewood and gave her a t-shirt that her girlfriend had meant to give to her before her death. Can anyone say “aww”? In the midst of some sadness (and there was plenty of it this episode), this helped to remind us of what was once a happy time.

What did you think about this episode of “Pretty Little Liars“, and who do you think Jason was writing a check to at the very end?

Photo: ABC Family

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