‘MasterChef’ review: Did the right person give up their apron?

This was a particularly sad goodbye.

While they may have been polarizing, it’s pretty fair to say that “MasterChef” ended up losing one of its biggest personalities during Monday night’s new episode. The strangest part of it? We really don’t think that they genuinely deserved to go home over anyone else.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

This was really just not a good week for Ryan, and after writing him off as unlikable last week we actually feel a little bad for him now. He was originally part of the red team during the breakfast-making challenge that started off the episode, but a twist allowed captain Christine to trade him over to Josh’s team. As if that wasn’t enough of a blow to his ego, the team ended up losing mostly due to some inconsistent food to the customer base — hotel visitors who are willing to actually pay ridiculous amounts of money for small plates of food.

Ryan did not get a reprieve for the pressure test later, which led to him, Josh, Anna (who we barely even know), and Tali having to square off in a content to make a molten lava cake. It was here Ryan fell victim first to being inexperienced when it comes to desserts, and then a twist where Gordon Ramsay gave he or Tali (who were the bottom two) the opportunity to leave the competition with some dignity. While Ryan may not have been everyone’s cup of tea (as he wasn’t always ours), he didn’t deserve to leave this week. Was his cake under-cooked to a greater extent than Tali’s? Yes, but that’s not the only way this challenge is judged. We would personally rather have a delicious pile of goo than a cake that tastes like cardboard.

To an extent, we even think that Ramsay was thinking that Tali was going to be the one to fall on his own sword instead. He was the weaker of the two chefs over the course of the whole competition, and Ryan had just won a mystery box the week before. We will certainly miss the guy from an entertainment standpoint, and we actually think that some of the nice comments made by the contestants about him were rather telling — maybe he is not as mean as he appeared at times.

Do you think that Ryan deserved to leave this week? We’ll be asking him this very question in our interview tomorrow! Also, be┬ásure to check out our most recent “MasterChef” interview by heading on over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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