‘The Glass House’ review: It’s still not ‘Big Brother’

Can we leave this “House” yet?

We have now seen two episodes of “The Glass House,” and despite our best efforts, it’s still not a good show. We don’t really know who a good many of these people are yet, and despite a few interesting twists in strategy, the problem now is that we don’t have anything — or anyone — to root for.

The episode started with what was probably the worst news ever for the producers — the “biggest villain in reality TV history” in Alex was sent packing for being an insufferable jerk. This just in to Alex — study TV! People love villains, but they don’t love bullies. Making everyone feel horrible about themselves is not a strategy, and it doesn’t get you ahead no matter what game you are playing. Unfortunately, Alex was also the only real source of drama this show had.

The one intriguing part of the show this week was seeing how the contestants were put into teams based solely on the votes from the people at home (who really don’t seem to be as controlling as the show originally advertised). Apollo and Holly were awarded this “honor” for the week, and then the competition became rather predictable again. There was a challenge, and as team captains they were automatically in danger of being in limbo and at risk of going home. The only intriguing part of watching these people toss plastic eggs to each other while suspended in the air was that Apollo deliberately picked Holly in the event that he lost, mostly so that there would be someone else America may send home over him. Ironically, the person who sank him in the challenge was instead Gene — the one guy he picked based on physical strength. Was he throwing it? He denies it, but this debate became the only source for conflict in this entire episode.

The contestants did end up selecting Holly to join him at the conclusion of the challenge, but the question now is if we really care. Are either of these contestants that memorable? Despite Apollo being a poet with a weird strategy, that’s all he really has — Holly meanwhile, is only famous for lying about pretty much everything. It’s a sad state of affairs for “The Glass House,” and it reminded us yet again this week that “Big Brother” is just around the corner to help put this show out of its misery. This new product not only lacks the drama of the CBS show, it also doesn’t have the same sense of fun.

Do you think we will be seeing much more of “The Glass House” in the weeks ahead after yet another subpar episode?

Photo: ABC

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