‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Andrew De Leon chokes up in Vegas

This was not an easy week for America.

America’s Got Talent” on Monday night did something that we very much appreciated — cutting down its Las Vegas show as some sort of recognition that it is the dullest show that they put on the air every season. There are too many acts to really remember, and there is no point in really dragging out this overly crowded round since what we really want to see are the live shows in New York.

While we didn’t find out everyone who ended up advancing to the live shows this week (minus a few acts here and there), we did at least learn a few names who we will be seeing again for sure. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure if anyone else is ready for prime time after watching so many of them choke in front of the judges.

Going straight through

William Close – Thankfully, they are not forcing him to try and play that enormous harp again.

Olate Dogs – We have a dog act in the live shows!

David “The Bullet” Smith – Let’s just say that the judges didn’t need to see him get shot out of a cannon again.

Some of the other highlights

Cristin Sandu – Even though his talent is basically his just standing on piles of junk, he’s good at it. Doesn’t that amount for something?

Nikki Jensen – We have an Australian import! She moved to America to make her singing dreams come true, and was a clear standout in the midst of a number of ladies who forgot what they were singing or wavered all over the place in terms of pitch.

Light Wire Theater – We still don’t really see this as being that different from Team iLuminate, but we can’t discount the act simply because it’s not as great as a phenomenal act from last year.

Joe Castillo – ┬áHe makes incredible things out of sand. We don’t know if he’ll advance, but we definitely want him to.

The misfires

American BMX Stunt Team – We want to put this act in the group above so bad, but we can’t after one of them wiped out. This, after all, was the equivalent of a singer going out of tune.

Mary Joyner – Speaking of out of tune, Mary was an Olympic disappointment after being so hyped up in the Los Angeles auditions.

Luna – the female singers all struggled this week, and she was the pinnacle of nerves — forgetting some of the words and singing out of tune.

Luiz Meneghin – Simply put, this opera singer just didn’t do a great job.

Andrew De Leon – We loved him when we first heard his operatic voice — but thanks to him getting choked up in Vegas, he didn’t even make it through his performance.

After seeing so many of these acts disappoint, are you feeling even more skeptical about the talent level this season?

Photo: NBC

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