‘Game of Thrones’: HBO debuts edit of George W. Bush head

Here are the before and after pictures.

Earlier this month, “Game of Thrones” found itself in a massive amount of hot water over a fake head wearing a George W. Bush mask that was then placed on a spike during a scene on the show’s first season. While the image was originally pretty discreet, it was many clearer by some commentary from showrunner David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in a commentary part of the season 1 DVD.

The revelation of this happening not only led to a lengthy apology by both executive producers, but HBO also pulled the episode briefly from rotation and halted production of all DVD box sets featuring the line of commentary. Thankfully, production can now start again, as the before-and-after photo to the left of this article shows that they have done some work to alter the appearance of the head. The chin and nose are now slightly more pronounced, and the face as a whole seems to be of a different ethnicity.

The reason for using this mask was originally that budgetary concerns forced production to use whatever props were available, but thankfully, they are no longer in a position to have to do that. “Game of Thrones” is now one of HBO’s most-successful franchises ever (controversy included), and they have already been renewed for a third season after season 2 broke the show’s past ratings records. Unfortunately, we are going to be waiting to watch it until the spring of 2013.

Do you think that HBO did a great job disguising the head, or did you ever think that this was even a big deal to begin with? Even though we may not be returning to Westeros this year, stay tuned — we will have plenty more news while we wait.

Photo: HBO (via the Washington Post)

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