‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: Joseph Morgan talks death, season 4

Where will Klaus go from here?

If there is a single character on “The Vampire Diaries” at the moment who has been through the ringer when it comes through dying, being reborn, and swapping bodies, it’s Joseph Morgan’s Klaus. Ever since his debut near the end of season 2, we’ve seen him in all sorts of unusual positions — whether it be building a hybrid army or trying to charm Candice Accola’s character of Caroline.

Thankfully, the actor has a pretty good sense of humor about his ever-changing job. In a new interview with Digital Spy alongside fellow actor Michael Trevino, Morgan jokes that Klaus’ new out-of-body experience could allow him a little bit of time to relax:

“I arrived in Alaric’s body, then exited in Tyler’s body, so it was a nice bit of symmetry there from the writers… I’m excited to see how many days off work I can get while he does my job for me!”

Both Morgan and Trevino believe that Klaus is going to try and pull some rather inappropriate moves on Caroline while in his new imprisonment, and this will surely cause plenty of confusion in her since she believes that it is her boyfriend who is initiating it. Ultimately, though, Morgan is unafraid of just how long his life on the show will last, mostly because he realizes that this is not the sort of show where characters who are brought in traditionally get the chance to live forever:

“Nobody’s safe … At the end of season two I heard Ian [Somerhalder] talking to the show creator Julie Plec about, ‘If I’m not going to be in the show next season, just give me a bit of warning so I can sort my house out’. I thought, ‘If Ian’s worried, then I’m terrified!’ Nobody’s safe.”

Are you still excited about seeing Klaus trapped inside someone else’s body, mostly because now the situation is so different than it was with Alaric?

Photo: The CW

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