‘Falling Skies’ review: A departure and a new destination

Tom joined a new team this week.

For the second straight week, “Falling Skies” improved upon its first season in some significant ways– the characters are more developed, the storylines cohesive, and we already have a greater sense of what is going on in this alien-infested world. Plus, we’re starting to have an actual villain among the Skitters in Red Eye, and he looks to be up to some pretty horrible things.

While there were a number of little moments that happened across this episode — including a kiss between Tom and Ann that has really been coming since the beginning of the show — it could be best defined by three pretty great stories.

1. As a result of Tom’s recent abduction, it’s no surprise that some people do not trust that he is still fully human. Since Pope never really liked him or wanted to trust him to begin with, this was a breeding ground for anger and dissent. Pope of course freaked out when Tom wanted to be a part of the Berserkers in order to keep an eye on him, but little did he know that “keeping an eye on him” would mean getting into a massive fight over a compass. For now, Pope seems content to go do his own thing away from the 2nd Mass. — but considering how great Colin Cunningham is, how long do you think this will stick?

2. Speaking of the compass, it belonged once to Jamie, who unfortunately ended up dying this week after Ben and him went on a bit of a Skitter-hunting trip gone awry. This tragedy allowed for some of the best acting yet from some of the show’s young stars, and it introduced us to Red Eye better than anything has so far. As shaken up as Ben was about this death, though, we have to pose the question — is he now brainwashed again based on what happened at the end of the episode, and if not why is he choosing to hide what is going on with his device?

3. Finally, the 2nd Mass. seemingly has a new destination courtesy of a pilot promising hope in the form of an established government in Charleston. While in some ways it doesn’t seem smart for humans to gather together making it easier on the Skitters to take them out, there still could be something to this if these survivors have all learned how to handle the invaders. While Captain Weaver did finally decide to take off with his men south, it wasn’t an easy decision. Considering all he has been through so far, this indecision was a major sign of this show’s growth — we understood why Weaver wasn’t quick to trust a complete stranger with a promise of a better life, but the prospect of hope (versus spinning his wheels in going to the Catskills) was enough to make him jump at the opportunity.

Do you feel the same as we do about “Falling Skies” this season, and what’s your take on the government in Charleston existing?

Photo: TNT

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