‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ review: Teresa Giudice vs. everyone

What happened, Teresa?

Dear Teresa Giudice … why did you change? There was a time when you were not only thoroughly entertaining, but also knew when to bring out some drama at just the right time. You were the Energizer Bunny of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and we were thrilled to have you. To this day, we can still watch your blowup time and time again during the season 2 reunion without getting bored.

Unfortunately, somewhere at the start of season 3 the Teresa we knew and loved took a wrong turn. Maybe it was Melissa Gorga arriving on the scene (okay, it probably was), but since that time she’s been so much in her own head that she seems to be driving herself down a road to reality TV insanity. The evidence we have from this week’s episode? Her trying to take Kathy Wakile out for a nice lunch only to consequently act as though it could make up for months and months of fighting and constant drama.

It probably doesn’t help Teresa in any way that her husband “Juicy Joe” (and we hate ourselves for even calling him that) seems to be completely and totally uninterested in getting along with her brother Joe Gorga. As a matter of fact, the general belief here is that he needs therapy — and that Teresa doesn’t necessarily need to be there in order for it to go down. When it comes to these three it’s always two steps forward, and then a million steps back. The therapy move this week seems like a good step, but we now have to wait and see if it actually sticks.

The final piece of Teresa’s torn-up puzzle? Jacqueline Laurita, who still seems to be desperate to keep a friendship with her despite of all the fighting, side-picking, and having to listen about the Gorgas for at least a few minutes every episode — which probably amounts to hours in real life. Unfortunately, we’re at a point now where even this is crumbling, and it’s not easy to tell if anyone is in Teresa’s corner at all anymore. We certainly know that Caroline Manzo is not, based on the way her sons were acting near the end of this episode. Heck, somehow Danielle Staub is even getting involved in this without even being on the show anymore.

While on paper all of this may sound like a recipe for great reality television, it’s really not — we like Teresa better when she’s on her game, and this season has stayed on a depressing road now for so long it’s uncomfortable to watch. It’s not as difficult as last season of “Beverly Hills,” but it’s still tough. Bring back the fun Teresa! There has to be a way to make it happen — even if it means changing around the cast a little bit.

What do you think is going on with Teresa here that is causing her to be transfixed on so much drama — and do you think she can eventually repair some of these bridges that she burnt over the course of this season?

Photo: Bravo

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