‘True Blood’ review: Is Salome the most powerful vampire of all?

There was quite a bit crammed in.

As with every other episode of “True Blood,” Alan Ball did the seemingly impossible for Sunday night’s new episode — cramming hours of content into one hour, and then managing to pass it off as somewhat believable. Of course, by “believable” we mean in the context of a show where people rip out other people’s hearts while running around at unfathomable speeds.

When it comes to the story of Tara, she finally found solace in someone who has been a support system in the past — Sam, who is really the only one of her friends not involved in turning her into a vampire. His plan? To lock her into the freezer until evening, which did not exactly end up working once Arlene for whatever reason ignored his silly “keep out signs” and opened the door. Ultimately, this one moment — which was the culmination of a sad day in Merlotte’s that included Terry taking off on a secret mission and Sheriff Andy seeing a picture of his rear end — led to a number of key revelations:

-Thanks to Tara spilling the beans, Alcide now knows about what happened with Debbie — and he is more than a little bit angry about being kept in the dark. As a matter of fact, he had to deal with Debbie’s furious parents earlier in the episode and he insisted that he didn’t know anything that happened. With that being said, his reaction to Sookie finally breaking the news to him was the best work of Joe Manganiello’s career so far.

-Lafayette is now channeling some evil spirits again. Does this mean we’ll see Jesus pop up in some otherworldly form? We hope so, since you can never have enough Kevin Alejandro in your life.

-After ditching everyone at Merlotte’s, Tara decided that the best way to cure herself of what ailed her was to kill herself completely, and it took Pam stopping her from activating a tanning bed and ending it all.

Speaking of Pam, we were thrilled to see even more of her background story this week after five seasons of being in the dark. Not only did she actually ask Eric to turn her back in turn-of-the-20th century San Francisco, but she actually forced Eric to do the deed or allow her to die in front of her. This is what makes her as a character so interesting, mostly because so many people are turned (see: Tara) against their will.

As for the rest of the episode, there was really one story that stood out above all of the others (and this is not meant as a slight to Jason Stackhouse finally revealing the reason for his “habit” with women) — Salome’s coming-out party. It’s not entirely clear what her motives are outside of bedding both Eric and Bill in order to prove they are not part of the sanguinista movement, but we will say that she has quite a knack for finding out exactly what she wants. She may not be the most powerful vampire in the sense of her Authority rank, but here’s to thinking that she may still be the most powerful vampire of them all. Two episodes in to her arc, we’re already intrigued into whether or not her tactics are going to work — and whether she’s hiding something that could make her more dangerous than anyone realizes.

What did you think about Sunday night’s new episode? While Tara’s story is still not coming together just yet, there are still plenty of other stories going on to have us hooked and ready to sink our teeth into more.

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