‘Mad Men’ season 6: How much should Elisabeth Moss appear?

Is less more?

At this point, you would think that we as “Mad Men” fans would be used to waiting. It took an excruciating eighteen months for season 5 to arrive on TV, and the good news is that this time around, the wait is not going to be nearly as long. The bad news? This is still months without a new “Mad Men” episode, and we are impatient. Very impatient.

There are still some interesting topics related to the show worth discussing, with one of the most notable being the decision to move Elisabeth Moss’ Peggy to a rival firm in one of the final episodes of season 5. It set up a potential corporate battle between Don Draper and his former protegee that (as we wrote about last week) could make for a thoroughly engaging battle throughout the new season.

But even if the show travels down this path, how much can Matthew Weiner justify showing us a character who is no longer even a part of SCDP? With so much of the story being told through the lens of Don, it is going to be hard to keep Moss around in every episode. It was perhaps an omen that she only showed up in one of the final two episodes of season 5, and that was just for an impromptu meeting with Don in a movie theater. If a less-is-more approach is utilized, we’re okay with it so long as the story is powerful enough to justify it. With that being said, we would hate to see Peggy’s time replaced with lesser characters.

Ultimately, Weiner is a smart guy, and he is going to know better than to not utilize Moss’ talents. Even though we do not expect to see her in every episode of season 6, her character is going to be a major part of Don’s consciousness — especially if she starts competing with him over valuable clients. You also have to remember that she has established relationships with everyone else at that firm, as well, and even from a storytelling point of view it would make no sense to never have her mentioned.

How much Peggy do you think we should see in season 6, and is there a way you can justify her being in every episode even if she is not even working at SCDP? We want to hear from you below, and we will be back all summer with even more “Mad Men” debates to get you talking about the new season.

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