‘Big Brother 14’ spoilers: Key dates to know before premiere

Here are some dates to know.

Any season of “Big Brother” is exciting, and one of the reasons for it is the massive buildup that happens every year around this time. We have cast announcements, video tours of the house, and most recently Julie Chen trying to get some of her fellow panelists on “The Talk” to embarrass themselves by doing challenges. (Last year’s season preview may still be our favorite episode of Chen’s daytime talk show to date.)

Simon over at Online Big Brother has come up with a pretty nice list of dates for some upcoming pre-show events to look out for, and using some of that info here is what you should be looking out for in the next few weeks.

July 1 – The houseguests will enter sequester for the first time, and this is the time that the cast for the show will be pretty close to locked in, though we are betting there will still be an alternate standing by in the event that one of the other contestants decides to quit after realizing that being cut off from the entire world is not their thing. It may sound crazy that someone would pass up on this chance, but it happens.

July 2 – This will be when you can expect some early press to come out for the show, including some images from the house. Even though media day has already happened, these journalists are on lockdown until after CBS gives them the okay to start publishing. Simon made a pretty smart observation in his piece that Brendon and Rachel may have participated in Media Day just for fun — which explains the photo we posted on Saturday.

July 2-8 – In this span of time, anticipate all sorts of major announcements. CBS will open the floodgates on what to expect this coming season, and “The Talk” will likely air their hilariously awkward segment. By the time the houseguests move in, “Big Brother” typically likes to at least make sure everyone knows who the contestants are.

July 8 – The houseguests move in, and the season officially begins. Unfortunately, we don’t get a chance to watch the first few days as everyone gets the opportunity to know (and on a few cases sleep with) each other.

July 12 – “Big Brother 14” premieres. Rejoice! This is also the first night that we will be covering the live feeds. As with last season, we will be posting 2-3 daily updates that give you an idea of what is going on in the house without making you have to read through countless pages in order to find it. We’re sure you probably don’t want to hear about every time someone makes a sandwich.

It’s strange, but the massive failure that is “The Glass House” makes us even more excited about the original product coming back. Even if “Big Brother” doesn’t end up taking any of our suggestions, we still expect an entertaining season to unfold jam-packed with plenty of twists and big personalities.

Photo: CBS

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