‘Dexter’ season 7: Jennifer Carpenter shares new photo from set

Carpenter’s showing off a sense of humor.

While the image to the left does not really provide us with much in the way of spoilers for the upcoming seventh season of “Dexter,” isn’t it nice to have a little something compared to nothing at all?

Late Friday evening, Jennifer Carpenter (otherwise known as Debra Morgan) posted the rather funny picture to the left on her Twitter account along with the following caption:

“Two dummies waiting to shoot…”

It’s hard to tell whether or not Carpenter in this photo is shooting outdoors, but the umbrella clearly does suggest that it is meant to look like an outdoor scene. As for the dummy, maybe Dexter is getting set to dump off a body off of his boat. Then again, doesn’t the dummy look just a little bit like Michael C. Hall?

At the end of the day, it’s probably too difficult to really interpret much about what is actually being shot based on just looking at a playful photo — but it is nice to see that Carpenter has a pretty good sense of humor about herself and the shooting process, which is something that can be stressful due to the long hours.

Deb is going to have a major role in the season almost from the get-go, as she is going to have to reconcile her feelings for Dexter while trying to digest the fact that she just watched him plunge a dagger straight through Travis Marshall’s heart. It’s a bit of serendipity that has changed the entire fabric of the show, and now we wonder whether Dexter will be able to convince her he is never going to kill again, or if she is just going to let him go about his business since the people he kills are those who in some eyes deserve to die.

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Photo: Showtime

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