‘The Big Bang Theory’ spoilers: What’s next for Leonard and Penny?

What’s next?

While we have given “The Big Bang Theory” grief at times for having so many of its socially-awkward guys in committed relationships (something that seems at times disproportionate to real life), one of the reasons that it works is that they are all in different stages. While Howard and Bernadette are now married, Sheldon and Amy are barely touching and Leonard and Penny are somewhere in between.

So could we see Johnny Galecki’s character find a way to convince his neighbor to take the next step and accept a ring? Based on a certain proposal that happened in the bedroom last season, we doubt that it’s happening anytime soon — and this is something that executive producer Bill Prady echoes in an interview with E! News:

“What we’ve always said about Penny and Leonard is they met each other at the wrong time in their lives … They met each other at a time when Leonard is ready to settle down and Penny isn’t yet and it will make things rocky for a while. And I think that until she grows up a little bit —and I don’t mean emotionally, I mean chronologically—I think they have challenges.”

While Leonard and Penny have been in this situation before, what makes it particularly engaging this time is that it they seem more willing to learn from each other. When it comes to Leonard, he has to realize that he is okay with letting things go over time — meanwhile, Penny is still figuring out how to be mature and that there is more to life than just the party scene. The two have been on separate roads when it comes to their lives, and once their paths finally cross they will have an opportunity to make the next move. It’s just better suited for everything that we don’t rush that journey.

Do you see this couple walking down the aisle by the end of this series?

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