‘Saturday Night Live’ debate: Could Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber pull double duty?

Who do you want to see?

For our new edition of our weekly “Saturday Night Live” debate series, we are looking at something that relatively rare for the NBC show — an episode featuring a host who also doubles as a musical guest. Mick Jagger, Taylor Swift, and Elton John are both performers who have taken on the feat in recent years, but they also have an advantage in that they are music icons and will draw strong numbers just because of their names alone.

So who could be some other strong candidates for this coming season to take on a similar sort of lofty role? We’re basing our list not just on popularity, but also acting ability and whether or not they would have enough mainstream appeal to bring in numbers.

Justin Bieber – The obvious choice, especially since Alec Baldwin once “leaked” on his podcast that the 18-year old was going to be hosting an upcoming episode of the show. (However, this never ended up happening.)

The only thing we worry about with Bieber is that his “All Around the World” concert special didn’t end up drawing fantastic ratings for the network — but it was also a different situation considering that it was during the week and appealed more to diehard fans. Bieber has poked fun of himself at times on the show before — why not go all of the way? (Bonus points if he gets his girlfriend Selena Gomez to show up for a sketch.)

Madonna – Did you know that it has been almost 30 years since Madonna last hosted the show? We know that she can have a sense of humor about herself — and really, it would do her some good to do just that. Unfortunately for her, most of the headlines as of late with her have not exactly been positive, and this could be a way to get people on your side.

Strangely, Madonna has never been a musical guest in the history of “SNL.”

Lady Gaga – We know that there are relentless fan wars when it comes to Gaga and Madonna, but in all honesty they would each be great hosts. The “Born This Way” singer absolutely killed it in the “Liqourville” sketch with Justin Timberlake in May 2011 — when you consider how good she was then, why not go ahead and host a full show? We could see this as the perfect way to tie in with her next album.

Michael Buble – Like with Gaga, Buble is someone who has been on the show before as a performer, and done rather well during the occasional comedy sketch. (See: Hamm and Buble.) While we don’t know if he would be able to play a wide array of characters, he would be a classy host in the way of the surprisingly funny Brian Williams.

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino – We already put the “Community” star Glover on the list of people we’d love to see host the show for the first time, but we’re adding him again here because he’s one of the few people lucky enough to say that they are both a great actor and an entertaining performer. Of course, you would need some censors for the Childish Gambino portion of the show.

Anyway, Donald’s inclusion works perfectly when you consider that he used to write for “30 Rock” which shares a producer with “SNL” in Lorne Michaels.

Who do you want to see take on the role of the host and the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” in the future? We want to hear your thoughts below!

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