‘True Blood’ preview: Tara pleads for help from [spoiler]

What does Tara want with him?

Two episodes in to this season of “True Blood,” the only real diologue we have heard from Tara is when she told Sookie and Lafayette that she is never going to forgive them for turning her into the very thing that she hates the most in a vampire. With that, she took off from the famous Stackhouse home in Bon Temps — and is now seeking help from another familiar face.

In the video below, you can see Tara pay a visit to an old flame in Sam Merlotte as she tries to figure out just what she wants to do with herself now that she is a member of the undead. It’s nice to see the show revisit a pairing that had some great chemistry (even as friends) before they were separated for story reasons. We’re not sure just what good a shapeshifter can do to help a young vampire — at least so long as the request Tara is making of Sam is if he will find a way to put her out of her misery.

Elsewhere in this episode, we are going to see even more debate from the Vampire Authority as to whether or not to keep Bill Compton and Eric Northman alive — which is not really that easy of a debate. These two obviously have given the group every reason in the world to send them straight to vampire hell (mostly because we’re assuming there is not vampire heaven), but they still could be useful in the hunt for Russell Edgington.

We’re wondering if Roman, Salome, or any of these people are mentioning to themselves the question that is really pretty unavoidable — do you really reward people for being so stupid as to keep the world’s most horrible vampire alive. Russell is hiding and regaining his strength 00 and these two need to find him before it is too late.

Do you want to see more Tara / Sam scenes moving forward this season?

Photo: HBO

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