‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Arie Luyendyk Jr., Jef Holm fight for #1

Will Arie overcome some conflict?

Now that there are only six contenders left on “The Bachelorette” — and we actually know all of them really well — we’re now able to rank all of them for the first time.

So who has a good shot at becoming Emily Maynard’s other half — and who has no shot at all? (Sorry, John.) Be sure to read on to find out more…

6. John Wolfner – At this point, the guy really doesn’t have much of a shot. Heck, we barely even know who he is. Hats off, though, for having the coolest last name that seems perfect for the next “Twilight” book.

5. Doug Clerget – On paper, Doug still seems like a great choice for Emily — especially in that he has a child of his own and already knows what it is like to be in that world. The problem with him? He may be too polarizing based on what has happened with some of the other guys — and Emily’s not looking for a risk.

4. Chris Bukowski – We kind of go both ways with Chris. He may be the youngest guy on this list, but his ambition at least partly makes up for it. Really, the biggest issue with him that we have is one pertaining to chemistry. With the top three guys, Emily is electric — here, they are still trying to light the spark.

3. Sean Lowe – Sean is probably the safest choice out of everyone, and we have been saying such ever since we started the rankings. Does Emily want more? That’s what we think may hold the guy back — though he clearly is a strong man of faith and family. (Plus, he’s totally ripped.)

2. Arie Luyendyk Jr. – Following what happened last week when it comes to Ryan Bowers, Arie is back in Emily’s good graces — unfortunately, he may fall right back out based on what happens with the whole Cassie Lambert controversy. Who cares that he once dated a show producer years ago? We don’t, since it doesn’t really have any bearing on the season — the only thing Emily may be upset about is that no one told her that Arie was once with the woman who has been following her around all season. You don’t have to talk about your past so early in the relationship game — but it’s a little different when your ex is someone involved with production.

1. Jef Holm – Thanks to the drama happening next week, we still feel as though Jef is probably the best choice for Emily overall. He seems to be clearly into he, ready to be a father, and he also has the sort of job and passion that will remain exciting for years to come. (Through Emily’s past, we know she likes men with fascinating careers. If Jef somehow doesn’t win, we still expect him (hair included) to be there at the very end.

Who do you think Emily should pick at the end of this season? Be sure to respond in our poll below, and check back for more cheeky analysis, show previews, and much more!

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