‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2: Where does the Evil Queen go from here?

Will she be out to wreck havoc?

It’s still going to be at least three more months until “Once Upon a Time” returns with some all-new episodes, but thankfully that’s not stopping some of the cast from continuing to speak out about what think we will be seeing when the show returns to ABC for its second season.

So will Regina (or the Evil Queen, if you will) continue to stay evil? It really depends on what extent you look at the word. For one Lana Parrilla (who tackles the character and the awesome costumes every week), tells E! News that she wants to see the onetime “ruler” of the fairy tale world at least retain some part of her humanity even with the magic suddenly running through Storybrooke:

“I hope to see that Henry comes around somehow … I really think it’s an important relationship not just for the audience but for these characters to resolve. Regina can’t lose her son completely! However she finds a way, be it magic or honesty or just pure love, I hope she’s able to get Henry back somehow.”

We know that this magic is going to be tempting for both her and Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin, and that she is going to probably attempt to win him back using magic somehow. Just remember, these sort of things come at a price. Our major question is just if these techniques fail, will she resort to letting her evil ways run wild again? Sometimes when someone enters a state of panic, the worst side of them can come out — and we shudder to think of us not actually seeing the worst side of this character yet.

How evil do you want the Evil Queen to be, and do you think her relationship with Henry is as valuable as Parrilla makes it out to be? We’re admit to being a little torn, mostly because we want to see some craziness and some magic thrown in both early and often during this season.

Photo: ABC

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