Katy Perry tells Jay Leno about Russell Brand divorce, other struggles

Mrs. Carter: Katy is opening up about her divorce from Russell.

Although it won’t be a major theme of her upcoming feature film “Part of Me 3D,” Katy Perry is still going to be talking about a difficult subject — her divorce from Russell Brand.

In a new interview on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Thursday night (which is one of many stops in a whirlwind press tour to promote the film), Perry was rather frank when it came to how her marriage fell apart — saying that she “did everything [she] could but it still failed.” She also recognizes that people in the audience are going to be aware that there was turmoil happening in her personal life at the same time the movie was being shot:

“I think that if you were to see the movie [and the relationship wasn’t talked about], you would come out of the theater going, ‘Hmm, that’s strange. I know something else happened in her life at that time last year.’”

As difficult as divorce is, you have to applaud Katy for the way in which she is choosing to handle it. By glossing over one of the most difficult times in her life, she would be presenting a story of her music and her journey that wasn’t altogether accurate. This way, she is being honest and vulnerable — but in not dwelling on the subject too much, she is allowing the focus to still be on everything else happening in her life.

You can check out the full video from NBC below, and it also includes some rather interesting stories about how Katy was dropped from multiple labels before finding her home, and how she at one point tried to borrow $20 from her little brother — who needed the cash apparently for Taco Bell.

Photo: NBC

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