NBC, ‘The Today Show’ could lose millions over Ann Curry firing

This could cost “Today” quite a bit.

Despite stories from all across the internet that Ann Curry will be dismissed from “The Today Show” next week, she is proving to be one of the most professional people we have ever seen on television. Over the past two days, she has showed up to work, done a solid job co-anchoring the broadcast with Matt Lauer, and has even made barely a comment about the fact that her job is in serious jeopardy of being pulled out from under her.

As for why she is staying around until NBC makes their decision, new reports suggest that she has plenty of reasons to do her job (even under criticism) until she is told to stop. According to TMZ, Ann staying around pretty much ensures she will receive a pretty incredible salary of $10 million a season. She signed the contract around this time last year to be the new co-host for the show following the exit of Meredith Vieira, and the contract runs for three years. Since Curry would obviously love to be paid that incredible sum of cash, the options for NBC really seem to be to either buy her out (as they did famously with Conan O’Brien), or find another position for her where her talents could be utilized effectively. Many around the internet believe that she will be reassigned to a position as a foreign correspondent, but that has not been confirmed by any party at all.

Sources claim that the announcement could come down at some point next week, but we would also not be stunned to see NBC (in a move designed to a bury a story over the weekend) making the announcement late tonight after many members of the media go home from work.

Do you think that Curry is the problem with the morning show, or could it be more along the lines of viewers tiring of some other longstanding elements of the show?

Photo: NBC

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