‘How I Met Your Mother’ spoilers: Details on the season 8 premiere

We are waiting to find out more.

With us still three months away from the season 8 premiere of “How I Met Your Mother,” it’s pretty fair to say that we are still going to come up with about 100 different scenarios in our head as to how the upcoming handful of episodes should play out. Will we meet the mother this season? Is Barney finally going to figure out that he wants to be with Robin? However, any fan of this series knows by now that things don’t quite happen overnight — and even when we know that something is going to happen (like Barney’s wedding), it is more about the journey getting there.

For Ted, his journey to find love ended in the season 7 finale with something that was rather shocking — him taking off with Victoria, who decided to leave at the altar in order to be with him. This bold move on her part is leading to the show (per executive producer Craig Thomas per Entertainment Weekly) handling the first episode back a little bit differently than they have in the past:

“One little tidbit: the season premiere picks up right where we left off in May, with Ted and Victoria — a runaway bride — driving off into the sunset. Suddenly, Ted is struck by horrible guilt over the fact that he was left at the altar back in season 4 and now finds himself on the other end of that dubious equation … So the entire premiere takes place on that day in May — a first for us, starting a season that way — and then episode two jumps us through the summer and into September.”

Our real question is just how long Ted is going to be able to live with the guilt and try and make a relationship with Victoria work. On one hand, he may saddle himself with the feeling that he has to be with her after she made such a big sacrifice for him — however, on the other he may try and jump ship quickly in order to spare himself the heartache later, though, from the standpoint of the show, this would feel like the easy way out.

How do you think the Ted / Victoria pairing should be handled now after everything that they have been through — should producers try and keep them together for a while?

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