‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Gretchen Rossi’s new single rocks

Gretchen released a new song.

Over the past few years, we have mocked many a music video from the various stars of “The Real Housewives” franchise. Most of them are self-indulgent, overly cheesy, and really not worth listening to once or twice. (And this is us being nice!) With all of this in mind, we’re pleased to report that we may have just heard the best song that has ever been associated with the Bravo series or any of its stars past and present.

The track comes from Gretchen Rossi of the “Orange County” series and is called “Unbreakable” — which is meant as a tribute to her boyfriend Slade Smiley’s twelve-year old son Grayson, who has been battling cancer for half of his life. It definitely has that inspiration angle to it (which is nice), but from a musical standpoint the song works simply because it is catchy. There’s not so much repetition that it feels stale by the end, but there is still enough for their to be a little earworm that gets caught in your head and never leaves.

While we don’t want to make too many sweeping generalizations about the “Housewives” franchise as a whole, but we have a feeling that the music of some of these ladies would be taken a little bit more seriously if it was as successful as “Unbreakable” is at achieving what it set out to do. It’s one of those songs that is great as a motivator (like when you’re at the gym and you need that extra encouragement on the treadmill) or if you just want to dance.

We’ll have audio to post here as soon as it is made available to embed, but for now you can check out the song’s world premiere over on Ryan Seacrest’s official radio show page.

Photo: Bravo

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