Justin Bieber and David Letterman — three very awkward videos

Bieber beware.

On Thursday night, teen sensation Justin Bieber stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman” for an interview — and if you have seen these two interact at all in the past, then you are probably well aware already that these interviews are among the strangest ones that the late-night host conducts, and this is from someone who famously drove Paris Hilton insane on the air for asking about her time in prison.

During this interview, Letterman (or “Uncle Dave,” as Bieber somewhat-affectionately calls him) presses the 18-year old about whether or not he is going to attend college (which he encourages him to do since there are so many women there — though we don’t think Justin has any problem with that), and then tried to physically yank a tattoo off of his arm. There are so many disarming facial expressions from Bieber in the middle of all this that we don’t even really know how to respond to all of them. We do, however, know how to respond to Justin referring to the Sistine Chapel as the “Sixteenth Chapel” — and that is by shaking our head.

Justin was on the show to promote his new album “Believe,” and the good thing about this interview is that it is at least memorable. With that being said, we really do wonder if Bieber actually likes going on “The Late Show,” mostly because Dave doesn’t seem to care at all about giving him a hard time and is not afraid of the backlash that could come out of it courtesy of his fans. The one thing you have to give Letterman some credit for is that he treats all of his guests pretty much the same.

What is your favorite moment of this interview, and is this a sign to you that Letterman is either the best or the weirdest interviewer on all TV?

Photo: CBS

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