‘The Glee Project’ video: Aylin, Blake get the ‘Moves Like Jagger’

They’re getting up close and personal.

For Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Glee Project,” we are going to see the world of these contestants become very much like an after-school special courtesy of one of the strangest mash-ups we’ve ever heard on the show. Whose idea was it to pair up “Moves Like Jagger” with “Milkshake” by Kelis? This is an arrangement that never really comes together, mostly because the melody is a little bit all over the place.

As for the music video for this song, it’s something that probably merits a cold shower more than anything Oxygen has shown on their network in the past year. The story is pretty much nonexistent, as we are just watching a bunch of young people grind on each other and pretend like they are about to kiss. There are still some major standouts — Ali looks like she’s playing into the scene better than she has all season, and Blake and Shanna continue to feel like they are the inevitable choices for the final two (even if Nellie and Aylin also do an admirable job).

As for who is in trouble, we will probably continue to say Mario so long as his attitude gets the better of him — but Abraham and Tyler also seem to lack some confidence in this world, and Lily disappears more than we have seen her in any of the past music videos.

We can only imagine what Cameron Mitchell would have done last season if director Erik White tried to make him do this. Rather than quitting, he probably would have just passed out on the spot and waited to be carted away on a stretcher. Poor Cameron…

What do you think about this video, and who looks to be in the most trouble for you?

Photo: Oxygen

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