‘Burn Notice’ review: The walls close in on Fiona

How is Fiona handling this?

When it was revealed that Fiona was going to be put behind bars on “Burn Notice” this season, there was at least some thinking that she would be reasonably safe. In what is a testament to creator Matt Nix, though, he has already found a way to turn this thinking upside down — and she may now be in more danger more than anyone.

The fact that someone is trying to have Fiona killed by blackmailing prisoners is especially frightening here, mostly because she does not have many ways to adequately defend herself. She was able to take out some of the standard prison jerks, but she was still unprepared for the threat that was coming right at her courtesy of her supposed friend.

The only real solace Fiona has? That Michael is starting to close in on getting an opportunity to see her. After doing a rather elaborate operation with the help of his former training officer (John C. McGinley of “Scrubs” and “Office Space”), it’s looking he will at least be able to say “hello.” Is this enough to get her freed? Not even close, but this is going to be a “baby steps” sort of situation.

What ultimately made Thursday night’s episode so interesting is that it somewhat reverted to a procedural format courtesy of the mission Michael underwent with the help of Sam and Jesse, but at the same time had in McGinley’s character someone who we are going to be seeing in the weeks ahead as a key figure to helping get Fiona back out into the real world. While we didn’t see much of Sharon Gless this week, there was also another story going down courtesy of the stunning news that Michael’s brother is losing both his wife and daughter courtesy of a divorce. Yes, there are still some normal life situations thrown into this show!

Usually when a show is six seasons in, they are inevitably starting to lose some of their steam — in this case, we legitimately think that “Burn Notice” may be as strong as ever. The characters have some great stories lined up, and the sense of peril is widespread courtesy of known villains (Anson), unknowns (who is attacking Fiona), and the human element (Michael’s family).

What did you think of Thursday’sĀ episode?

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