Fox’s ‘The Choice’ review: Did Taylor Hicks, Rocco DiSpirito find love?

Cat barely made it out of here alive.

Apparently, someone did not actually teach some of the contestants on “The Choice” some of the rules of the show before sending them out on stage. During Thursday night’s new episode, we saw a little bit of everything — The Situation tried to pick more than three women, Warren Sapp turned around every time he heard the word “football,” and Taylor Hicks saved Cat Deeley’s life after a spinning-chair incident gone awry.

Before we get into this week’s episode, we must first get to the most notable updates — mainly in that both Joe Jonas and Parker Young (especially Parker) seemed to find some success with their dates. As a matter of fact, it looks like Parker may have actually taken his lucky lady on more than one date.

Now, let’s talk about the celebrities who were actually brave enough to sit around and have women scream their physical attributes at them.

Taylor Hicks – Easily, Taylor has been our favorite contestant on the show thus far. He played his harmonica, goofed off, and really seemed to be a southern gentleman who took the process somewhat seriously (which isn’t always easy for this show).

Warren Sapp – The NFL legend had a great sense of humor about the whole ordeal, and he at least based some of his decisions on important things — such as his interests. For a guy who made his living pummeling quarterbacks on a weekly basis, isn’t it a little ironic that he doesn’t like boxing?

Rocci DiSpirito – Who doesn’t love a guy that can cook? Rocco was easily the guy that most women in America would have wanted to date, and he was actually a little dirtier than we thought courtesy of some of his food analogies.

The Situation – We might as well be honest here — The Situation was The Situation. He was ridiculous, over-the-top, and he tried to take home two ladies rather than one. Considering the rumors that he is now officially dating his longtime hook-up partner in Paula from “Jersey Shore,” it’s a pretty safe bet that this experience didn’t end up working out for the guy.

Who were you the most impressed with out of the guys on the show — and what is it about this crazy madhouse of a show that has you still watching?

Photo: Fox

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