‘Take Me Out’ review: One Michael Scott lookalike strikes out

Back to the asylum.

Three weeks into “Take Me Out,” our opinion of the show is pretty much the same — it’s ridiculous, dumb, but also so cheesy that a someone who is lactose-intolerant would pass out just looking at it. The only problem with this show may simply be George Lopez, who is forced to be reeled in to the point where they really could have hired anybody for this job — and in this case, someone you didn’t expect to be outrageous would be better.

Here are the men who tried to win over the massive panel of ladies (plus Mindy, who we at times we think is just there to be ridiculous) with their dance movies, ridiculous flaws, and promises to treat women right.

Danny – Apparently, the way to a woman’s heart is to play a guitar and say that he works with multiple charities — and then, the way to stomp on a woman’s heart is to mention the word “groupie.” He only lost one person before he started speaking, and even with the mention of groupies, he still got to choose between 11 lucky ladies.

Justice -The moment he started kicking and doing his dance moves after showing up on stage, we were slightly concerned that he thought he was auditioning for “A Chorus Line.” Then, he did a 180 with a story about motorcycles, kilts, and moving in with his grandma. Wait … moving in with his grandma? Seriously? He only had three ladies by the end of the first round, and then he lost everyone when he admitted to working at a movie theater. Guess not everyone’s looking to be a part of the movies…

Mikey – This guy seriously thinks he is The Situation. Unfortunately, he did just about as well as The Situation would do on a show like this. He was too cocky, too tan, and he spends way too long on his hair.

Evin – At first glance, this guy was the total package to the ladies (complete with the prime real estate he left open with his shirt). Then, he said he lived next door to his mother and loves to roller skate. We’re really still stunned honestly that anyone stayed in the game for him, but he did find a date. Now, he just needs to find another button for his shirt.

The updates

Cowboy Jesse – Remember this guy? He picked Deborah on last week’s episode, and the two took off on a Western-themed date that actually seemed to be going pretty well. Granted, we’re still confused as to when they changed outfits midway through their date.

Dave – Sadly, the guy who looks like Michael Scott did not end up getting any love here. He just seems too awkward for a show like this, and is going to have to get to know someone for a while first before they get serious.

The guy whose name we still can’t spell – We really liked this guy’s sweet demeanor and giant Greek family, and now he has a woman who may be ready to go meet all of them. He not only helped her make some sushi, but he had a specialty cake made for her birthday. Now let’s all say it together — aw…

Are you still watching this show, or is this too silly (and too repetitive) for your taste?

Photo: Fox

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