‘Hart of Dixie’ exclusive: Claudia Lee on new music video, season 2 hopes

Claudia plays Magnolia on the show.

Claudia Lee was an important part of “Hart of Dixie” season 1 as Lemon’s little sister Magnolia Breeland, and she’s now getting ready for a second season that will hopefully answer some of those burning questions — in particular what her place in the story will be following the drama that unfolded with George and Lemon during the finale this past May.

In addition to being an actress, Lee (who celebrated her 16th birthday on June 20) is also a singer who released a new music video Thursday for “3 Leaf Clover” — a tune that features her both singing and rapping about trying to find the perfect someone. It’s a surprisingly risky choice for a young country singer to make, but it’s also one that totally works.

We talked with Lee about both her music and “Hart of Dixie” on Thursday, including some of her dream scenarios for season 2 and whether or not she would love to bust out her vocal pipes on the show. (Check out the music video at the bottom of this interview.)

Cartermatt.com – So what has the reaction been like to the new video?

Claudia Lee The reaction has been very mixed, I would say so far. A lot of people are a little startled with the song at first, but then it grows on to them. There’s other people who just absolutely love the song.

I really wanted to take a risk, and I’m so glad I took a risk with ‘3 Leaf Clover.’ I really love the message behind the song. It speaks about being unique, and a 4 leaf clover is really magical when you find one. I don’t want to get all fairy tale story-like, but I really like the message behind the song of owning who you are and being unique.

Cartermatt.com – When you say you took a risk, I’m guessing that you are referring to your rapping in the song. You may be the first female country rapper I’ve ever heard. How did you come up with that? Is it something that you just do in your spare time, or was it suggested to you?

Claudia Lee It’s kind of a mixture. I have a lot of friends in the music business who are creative [as much] as I am, and with my friends we kind of just goof around and make songs for fun. I rapped a bit, just because it enhanced my coming up with musical phrases and rhymes.

When my producer approached me with ‘3 Leaf Clover,” I was like ‘yeah, let’s take on the challenge!’ I really liked the song and thought it would turn heads and get people to listen — even if they don’t like it. I really wanted to record it because it was so different and such a unique song. I really haven’t done anything like it.

Cartermatt.com – So could we see you rapping on some more tracks in the future?

Claudia Lee You never know! I could do rapping in the future. I wouldn’t say it’s a one-time thing … I think it has to be for a specific reason.

Claudia has released a new video.

Cartermatt.com – I come from the world of TV, so I’m very visual when it comes to how stories are represented. What inspired you to come up with the concept for the music video, with so much of the focus placed on the phone? 

Claudia Lee I wanted to do something different that involved technology and really brought in sort of the youth. Nowadays, it’s kind of sad but also kind of cool that a lot of things are always on our phone. We have so much at our fingertips, and I really wanted to tie in the whole sort of aspect of technology into the video … I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Cartermatt.com – There’s been a history of people with singing backgrounds getting a chance to sing on CW shows — I know Candice Accola has done it on ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ in the past. Would you welcome a chance to do some music on ‘Hart of Dixie’ in the future?

Claudia Lee Of course! I think that’d be something so exciting for my character, and I think hey, it may be in the works. You never know. I don’t know what’s going on for season 2 yet, but I think it would be a fun angle for me to play off for my character and it would bring a lot of fun storylines to season 2, as well.

Cartermatt.com – Take me back to last month. It wasn’t clear whether or not ‘Hart of Dixie’ was coming back, and it was nerve-wrecking. What was the feeling like when you first heard that there was going to be a second season?

Claudia Lee I was literally so nervous the whole month of May. I was freaking out, and I was hearing news of other shows on The CW being canceled … I was trying to put myself in the position of not getting my hopes up, because I didn’t want the let down to be so great. I was already thinking in my mind, ‘hey, we didn’t get picked up.’

Then, I was riding in a car from my mom — I had just done school and we were running some errands and stuff like that. My dad called me and said ‘I gotta let you know that these are the shows that were canceled, and ‘Hart of Dixie’ was picked up.’ My mom and I, we just started to scream. We were so excited, and then we found out that ‘Hart of Dixie‘ was the only new show on The CW that got picked up. It was a pretty awesome achievement, and I think everyone on the cast and crew [is excited]. What people don’t see off-screen is that everyone really does get along, and we’re like a big family.

Cartermatt.com – Do you think the move to Tuesdays at 8 could help you guys in some ways? Now that you’re paired with another medical show in ‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ it may give people who are not regular CW viewers a chance to find and remember you.

Claudia Lee I totally agree. Also, it works out with ‘Monday Night Football.’ (Laughs.) My dad was always joking that ‘it’s always in the way of Monday Night Football.’ We would always joke around.

But I really think that it’s such a good placement for the show, because it has a theme and it gives us a greater element of respect because it’s an earlier time and people get to watch us.

Cartermatt.com – So I know you don’t know what’s going to happen yet with season 2, but what would you like to see happen with Magnolia?

Claudia Lee I would like to see a lot more of Magnolia’s deeper side. I think there’s a lot of untold stories for Magnolia, and there’s a lot that she’ll surprise people with in season 2. I just think the storylines for season 2 are going to be outrageously crazy and insane and so much fun to watch because how they left off the finale for season 1 was just ‘oh my gosh.’ There were just so many angles … You have Annabeth having eyes for Lavon, and then you have Lemon dealing with the whole breakup, and George and Wade having feelings for Zoe. I’m just excited to see where Magnolia is going [fit in] with that.

Cartermatt.com – Do you think Magnolia would be Team Zoe and George or Team Zoe and Wade? No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem like she would love either [choice].

Claudia Lee She’s kind of borderline, because George was with Lemon, and if she on Team George that’s a whole problem for her and Lemon. If she’s on Team Zoe and Wade, or any of the teams involving Zoe, she’s really in a bad place because her sister doesn’t have a good connection with Zoe. So she’s kind of in a pickle. (Laughs.)

What do you want to see happen with Magnolia — and with the rest of the cast — for the show’s second season?

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