‘Mad Men’: Vincent Kartheiser dating Alexis Bledel

So cute!

Mrs Carter: Their chemistry was undeniable.

When we first saw “Gilmore Girls” alum Alexis Bledel on “Mad Men” we weren’t sure that she was going to be a good fit for the show, but after we watched the chemistry between her and Vincent Kartheiser light up the screen there was no  denying that we were completely hooked into the Pete and Beth love story.

Although Pete and Beth’s romance ended up falling apart after her husband forced her into shock therapy to erase her memory of Pete, Vincent and Alexis continued their romance into real life.  Recently the pair was allegedly seen stealing kisses while aboard a flight from New York to Los Angeles, but until now there was no real confirmation from anyone that these two are actually an item outside of the passengers on the flight.

A source close to Kartheiser spoke to US Weekly about their off screen romance and revealed that they are dating.  They said; “They have been dating for a few months. Vincent is smart and charming.  He’s nothing like his character!”

Kartheiser is an interesting guy, so it takes a special kind of woman to catch his eye.  While he might be charming, smart, funny and oh so good looking, it is said that he has also given up most of his worldly possessions after he was introduced to the world of excess in Hollywood.  He reportedly gave up his car, takes mass transit, lives in a bungalow and tries his best to live a green lifestyle, something that is not easy to do, especially when you have people throwing everything and the kitchen sink at you.

Photo: AMC

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