‘Royal Pains’ review: Is change a good thing?

Who did we say goodbye to?

So far, your enjoyment of “Royal Pains” this season is probably completely dependent on one thing — whether or not you enjoy watching the sibling rivalry between Hank and Evan play out. When they were working together, there was a certain dysfunction — but at the end of the day you still knew that these two guys would be in each others corner. Now, it’s hard to know just what they are fighting for.

In theory, the rivalry here does still play out like an interesting storyline, and it was needed to shake up a show that was starting to feel a bit routine week after week. However, we also wonder whether or not this was the right way to go about it. The longer we go on seeing Evan operate HankMed, it gets grating — and the fact that the two still live together is forcing this situation to be even more awkward.

In addition to Wednesday night’s episode being the one where we really started to see Hank’s relationship with Evan start to spiral (mostly because of an opening for a doctor at a medical salon that both of them were angling for), there was also something else that has to be mentioned here — finally seeing Jill leave for somewhere new in Africa. Is she going to be back? Eventually, we believe so — but having her out of the equation for a while gets rid of just one more crutch that Hank has to lean on. What “Royal Pains” is trying to do in a roundabout way is strip these two brothers to the bare bones of their relationship — as much as Divya or anyone else (including Henry Winkler’s Eddie, who will turn up in a larger capacity next week) may try to get involved, these two are the only people who can solve this problem and find a way to cooperate in the future. The only issue now is whether or not they want the problem to be solved.

At this point, we’re still torn on the season as a whole. The separation here is so jarring, and it’s also strange to see so many of these characters rather miserable on a show that typically is somewhat hopeful. With that being said, though, you have to applaud the risk and hope that a substantial reward is coming.

How are you feeling about the sibling rivalry now that we are three episodes in?

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