‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: What happened to Hampton Williams?

It was a difficult journey to the top 20.

Welcome to Vegas Week on “So You Think You Can Dance” — otherwise known as the week that traditionally ends up making us cry. Why? We have so many great dancers, and generally that means us having to say goodbye to some we started to genuinely care about.

The biggest tragedy for us happened early in the episode courtesy of one Hampton Williams. The exorcism dancer completely brought us to tears when he first auditioned earlier this year, but this time around he didn’t last longer than fifteen minutes. Despite being utterly fantastic at what he does, he simply couldn’t keep up with the choreography from someone else’s routine. Even if he’s not going to be around here any longer, we would pay to see him perform anywhere in the world.

As for everyone else, let’s be honest — there are so many dancers in this episode that is impossible to remember all of them. We’re going to look instead at just a few select people who received a ton of airtime, and with that we predict that we will be seeing plenty more of most of them later on this season. (After all, why would Nigel Lythgoe give someone a huge chunk of airtime only to not use them later?)

Cyrus Spencer – After his two fellow Dragon House members didn’t move forward in t he competition, Cyrus had to work hard taking on routines that he had no experience whatsoever in. Everything about him was impressive, though — his attitude, his aptitude for unfamiliar routines, and the promise that he could end up being a serious contender a few weeks down the road.

Amelia Lowe – Her silent-movie charms won the judges over — but like Cyrus, she had to dance for her life at one point in order to make it to the end of Vegas Week.

Alexa Anderson – She was the final person eliminated this past season, and despite a few off performances she still did enough to stay put.

Mariah Spears – Our favorite krumper is gone! Considering that we never see someone like this on the show, this was a particularly heartbreaking exit. She really didn’t get much air time — we just were pulling for her.

What elimination were you the saddest about, and who are you pulling for out of the remaining contestants? At this moment, we are team Dragon House all the way. (You can also see Hampton’s first audition below.)

Photo: Fox

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