‘True Blood’ spoilers: We’re not done with vampire religion yet…

Would this make you believe?

It’s not often on “True Blood” that we get a chance to hear about the potential origin of vampires, and this is really what made the story all the more entertaining when we heard the vampire belief that Lilith was really the first creation of God, and that Adam and Eve were really just created to be food.

Thankfully, this twisted version of religion is not done yet — as a matter of fact, we are even going to meet this Lilith later this year! Speaking to TV Guide, Christopher Meloni suggests that not everyone is going to believe this character when she starts to make her rather outlandish claims, in particular his powerful character of Roman:

“I don’t know if Roman believes it … He puts on the garb of a spiritual leader, possibly with a wink and a certain cynicism, so he’s willing to take that bet now that [she] isn’t real.”

As for what we are really curious about, have we already met Lilith and just haven’t realized it yet? It’s possible that there could be a big surprise waiting for us courtesy of a grand reveal — though it is also equally possible that this is a new character that is being kept under an unbreakable lock and key so that we don’t get ahead of ourselves here in season 5. We just want to know what would make this original vampire show up, and if she is any crazier than Klaus and the Original Vampires on “The Vampire Diaries.”

For now, all we can do is really sit around and twiddle our thumbs … even though the idea of finding out more of the early days of vampires (at least through the Alan Ball canon) has us excited beyond words.

How do you think we are going to meet Lilith?

Photo: HBO

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