‘Game of Thrones’ goes viral with ‘attack ads’ on Dany, Robb Stark

Bad for dragons?

Since we’re not going to have any new episodes of “Game of Thrones” for quite some time, we might as well have something to tide us over until it returns.

We’re betting that George R.R. Martin never imagined for his characters to become a part of the political machine, but it’s hard to do anything other than laugh after seeing some of the videos below. Thanks to Mother Jones, we have a trio of rather hysterical viral videos to check out theme around fake attack ads concerning some of the characters. The saddest part is how true to life some of these ads actually are.

Robb Stark – Is he the rightful King of the North, or does his family life hold him back and show some major cracks in his armor? The political technique being employed here is the age-old “this guy is just trying to be a celebrity” card. Plus, he’s also working with Wildings! (Cue the dramatic repose.)

Granted, you probably don’t want to check this video out unless you have already finished season 2 — otherwise, you better brace yourself for some pretty heavy spoilers.

Joffrey – In what seems to be an issue better suited for an episode of “Maury,” Joffrey’s paternity is of course called into question here. The best part of this video actually comes courtesy of the slogans and the line at the very end.

Dany – Finally, we turn to what may very well be the most ridiculous (but also the funniest) one of the ads that are online. We’re still not entirely sure what sort of dragon agenda the “funders” for this ad have going, but they apparently do not understand just how tough it is to be the last remaining member of the Targeryan family trying to take back the Iron Throne.

Which one of these ads is your favorite?

Photo: HBO

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