‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Kate Gosselin, Gretchen Rossi make wishlist

Who should join Trump next?

With the recent news coming out that Arsenio Hall has landed a new late-night talk show that will run in syndication beginning next fall, you have to consider “The Celebrity Apprentice” to be a pretty hot commodity. Out of the contestants to appear on the show over the years, all five of them (Piers Morgan, Joan Rivera, Bret Michaels, John Rich, and Arsenio) have all landed other jobs on TV (John’s is coming up this summer) — with Piers even getting the opportunity to follow up Larry King on CNN.

So with this news, is Trump’s show going to hotter then ever next season? We’re banking on it. It may not be the highest-rated reality show on TV, but the connections it provides are valuable — plus, it also allow you to demonstrate your business skills, and prove that you are more than just an actor, reality star, athlete, or some other figure in the entertainment world.

With all of this in mind, we’ve taken a look at 16 people who could all either add to the show next season or benefit from it in some way. Do you have your own suggestions? If so, we want to hear them in the comment box below!

The men

Vinny Guadagnino – While there may be more people clamoring to see Snooki or The Situation, Vinny may be the “Jersey Shore” cast member with the greatest amount of interest in taking this on. With his social causes away from the show, he has tried to prove that he is a smart, sensible guy who also likes to have some fun. With the MTV show potentially winding down, this could be a great way for him to transition into the next phase of his career.

Jeff Ross -In following up Lisa Lampanelli and Adam Carolla, you need someone who is equally funny, and also not afraid to speak their mind. Jeff Ross is just that. You need the comic relief in a show like this, and we would love to see how he operates in this environment. Plus, he would be the third person Trump has cast on the show who previously roasted him (after Marlee Matlin and Lisa).

Mike D – The Beastie Boys were recently inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, so going from that to Donald Trump’s boardroom may be a little bit of a stretch. The truth is, though, that Mike could have something major to play for following the tragic death of Adam “MCA” Yauch, and it may also be a way for him to show where he wants his career to go next.

Shaquille O’Neal – Shaq may be busy with his NBA job with TNT, but couldn’t he take a month off for this? Not only has the show never had a man this imposing, he’s also a smart guy with a great sense of humor. Outside of “Kazaam” and his rap career, everything Shaq does turns to gold.

Rick Astley – Who does not want to see him “Rick-roll” the competition? Sometimes, it’s fun to have people from the ’80s on the show just for novelty’s sake, and we would love to see Rick operate with some of the other people on this list.

William Shatner – Since George Takei did it last year, we might as well take a look at the original “Star Trek” star. There’s not much in the way of motivation for Shatner to do this, but you can’t really question whether or not he would be great at it.

Rob Kardashian – It’s been a few years now since we have seen a Kardashian on this show, and someone needs to remind Trump that he once fired a then-relatively-unknown Khloe for having a DUI on her record. Since Kim and Kourtney are each way too big at this point, this would be another chance for Rob to come into the spotlight after he was great on “Dancing with the Stars.” (Plus, think of the celebrity contacts for fundraising!)

Jerry Springer – Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Need we say more? He would no only be a good player for charity, but this could serve as a nice reminder that there is more to him than a ringleader of hillbillies and people who come on his show to pummel each other.

The women

Kate Gosselin – Kate unfortunately became more or less a punchline thanks to “Dancing with the Stars,” and we know that she’d love a chance to show that she is a smart woman who has worked hard to build an empire with her family. Although we don’t know if she could handle being away from her kids this long, this could be the opportunity she’s been waiting for to get back on TV.

Gretchen Rossi – There is always a “Real Housewives” star on the show, and with “Orange County” still unrepresented Gretchen could be a great fit. She already has a line of purses and beauty products, so the business knowledge is there — plus, she’s also ridiculously entertaining.

Venus and Serena Williams – Every season needs a twist — so why not have two of the strongest female tennis players of all time on the list? There’s never been a set of siblings to compete on the “Celebrity Apprentice”, and it would take their friendly rivalry to another level if they each go far.

Susan Lucci – She’s already conquered the world of daytime dramas, so why not go for the world of reality TV? Lucci has to redeem the soap star name on this show after Lisa Rinna was eliminated early in season 4.

LeAnn Rimes – After some negative headlines over the years, wouldn’t LeAnn like to show that she is the same country star with the big hear that people once loved? It’s a perfect chance to not just promote her music, but to promote herself.

Sarah Silverman – Silverman’s pilot for the upcoming fall season fell through, but she still deserves a spot on the NBC lineup. With her being out of the spotlight much of the past year, why not take advantage of this show to raise your profile and land some new opportunities?

Holly Madison – One of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends should appear on here, and Holly has always been the most engaging of the group. She’s opinionated (which is necessary for this show), and she also would have another chance to show that her talents extend beyond just the brand of Hef.

Who do you want on the show next season, and do you think it is starting to become the norm now that “Celebrity Apprentice” winners go on to find new jobs in TV? Be sure to share your comments below!

Photo: NBC

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