‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: A model disaster in the making

At least it’s something new!

After staying the same for pretty much ten seasons now, “Hell’s Kitchen” is trying to get a little bit creative with their format. We had an elimination at the start of Tuesday night’s episode, and it ultimately concluded with a cliffhanger before the start of dinner service. As strange as this was, there was enough content here to make the extension to the next episode merited.

First of all, someone decided that the best place for a fashion show was a restaurant full of screaming people and a swearing Gordon Ramsay. It’s ridiculous — which is probably why it’s so awesome. Having some fashion critics come in for the first challenge and judge the chefs on presentation was a bit more understandable, but we have to say these people were such cooking snobs that the made the oft-pretentious (as much as we love him) of Joe Bastianich on “MasterChef” appear sympathetic. Did these people really like anything? It seems that the blue team won in their eyes simply because they stunk the least.

The blue team’s victory celebration proved yet again our thinking that this is one of the best casts that Ramsay has had on the show on years. Brian and Guy are pure entertainment gold, and even Clemenza and Patrick are pretty entertaining in their own right. Meanwhile, there’s so much drama going on with the women — Kimmie is emotional, Robyn and Barbie are always angry, and Tiffany goes from 0 to 60 faster than just about anyone we’ve ever seen on this show. While not everyone listed is as great a chef as we have seen on the show, they are genuine reality TV stars and they make this more than just a showcase of Ramsay’s skills.

Going into this fashion-themed dinner service, one team really doesn’t have the advantage over the other. While the red team is falling apart at the seams, it looks like the presence of swimsuit models is going to have the guys setting their kitchen on fire. Who will win, and will Brian ever get the phone number of the girl he liked at the reward? We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.

Who is your favorite to win this season of “Hell’s Kitchen“?

Photo: Fox

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