‘The Glee Project’ review: Mario and Lily vs. themselves

Who excelled at vulnerability?

It’s interesting to see what pressure (and criticism) does to people in a high-stress environment, and there’s no better venue for this than “The Glee Project.” What makes this show so brilliant (and at times even better than “Glee” itself) is seeing how some of these people handle being in difficult situations.

For Mario and Lily, neither of them seem to be handling it too well at times. Despite being brilliant at times, they let their egos get in the way. Mario already thinks that he is the bees’ knees despite some pretty glaring pitch issues, while Lily simply just doesn’t agree with what anyone trying to help her says of the time. Do these two not realize that taking the criticism is half of the battle on this show? It’s no surprise that the two of them joined Charlie (who committed the cardinal sin of not following his blocking) in the bottom three. Even Nellie (who won the earlier challenge set to “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson) struggled later on in the anti-bullying themed music video, and nearly landed in jeopardy.

As moving as this video was, there was one part of it┬áthat we didn’t particularly like — the bias that this show has at times against cheerleaders and football players. Are these people often the bullies? Sure, but they can also be the victims in the right situation. For a show that is often about ┬ábreaking stereotypes, it was a little sad to see the show cling to this one. With that being said, Blake’s brilliant performance as a football player was something special — and now, he is a favorite to win this whole competition.

The last-chance performances

Lily, “Mercy” – This performance alone was pretty boring, but what we were genuinely impressed with was seeing her open up and show a little emotional once it was over.

Charlie, “Fix You” – Is this one of the best last-chance performances we have ever heard on this show? We’re thinking it has to be up to. Ryan Murphy is right when saying that he could never see a single note coming. It was surprising, and he totally brought something different to the table.

Mario, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Mario may actually be one of the best singers on this show, but attitude is the name of the game — and while he was emotional in front of Ryan, he totally negated all of it by being a rather grade-A jerk afterwards in throwing some of the other contestants under the bus for being under in their pitch. If you are this hard to work with on this show, how is someone going to invest money in you as a part of a cast?

While we would have sent Mario home based on attitude alone, the non-elimination last week meant that no one was sent packing this time around. Can these three turn things around? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Do you think the judges made the right decision in sending no one home?

Photo: Oxygen

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