‘MasterChef’ review: Ryan gets a little crabby

Did Ryan go too far?

This week on “MasterChef,” the editors made Ryan look like he smiled at a blind woman in pain. Oh, you tricky folks in the post story department! We know the guy’s a little full of himself, but why make him look like the most horrible person of all time?

We could spend a while talking about a Mystery Box challenge revolving almost entirely around disgusting animal parts, but that’s not really what people are going to be talking about here. Instead, it’s what the winner Ryan chose to do for the later challenge that was particularly interesting. After deciding that the remaining 14 other contestants would be cooking a crab dish, he then chose seven people who would use real fresh crab, and seven who would use crab from a can. He tried to help his buddy Tali out by giving him real crab, but for Christine (who was at a disadvantage due to her lack of sight) fresh crab was her worst nightmare. Meanwhile, he gave some of his competitors in Felix and Monti the canned crab to work with. While he may not be likable, Ryan made some of the right moves here — Christine should be treated as a competitor, and the serious threat that she is. Plus, it makes for a better story if she has even more to overcome.

Instead of seeing a masterpiece come from Tali’s station, he instead cooked up a disaster that looked like Freddy Krueger’s claw rather than an actual plate. Meanwhile, Christine once again managed to knock her dish completely out of the park, and we’re starting to wonder if there is anything out there that she really is unable to cook. Monti also stepped up to the plate and delivered with a genius egg wrapped in a crab crush.

There were actually four people  who landed in the bottom this week — Tali, Mike, Helene, and Frank. It’s pretty funny that three of them actually had fresh crab to work with. Mike and Frank were declared safe first, and Tali ultimately was given a bit of a reprieve despite not really doing anything that looked appetizing. Helene was out after a couple of poor weeks, and she cheered on Frank to win as she was walking out the door.

What did you think about Ryan’s decision when it comes to the crab challenge? Be sure to check out some of our other “MasterChef” interviews by heading on over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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