‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: What happened to Melissa Hastings?

Did she have her baby?

For the first two episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” this season, Torrey DeVitto’s character of Melissa Hastings has been conspicuously absent — and we had been left with hanging questions concerning what happened to her baby and what in the world she was up to now to ruin her little sister Spencer’s life. (That may be a bit of an exaggeration. But still…)

We got the answer to the first question pretty early on in Tuesday night’s new episode, as it was revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. However, there was another burning question introduced in here to keep the mystery alive — the child may have actually been Garrett’s rather than Ian’s. This was made even more complicated when Spencer found out through a fake phone call that Melissa was not even at the hospital where she supposedly lost her child. She also stayed longer at the resort than she claimed, and is hiding some secrets with her mother (who has suddenly decided to represent Garrett).

It was after Spencer confronted her mom, though, that the truth finally came out — Melissa seemingly lost her baby far earlier than she told anyone, and she simply chose to hide it until the time was right for her to fake a miscarriage.

Rather than focus just on the Liars this week (since that really seems too easy at this point), let’s instead look at some of the other players this week and how their stories shaped what went down with Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna.

Lucas – Why is this guy acting so mysterious? First, he decided he wanted to bust out his inner “bad boy” and burn a letter in a trash can. Then, he visited Mona and suggested to Hanna and Caleb that “A” may be faking her sudden change in attitude in order to work over her friend to her advantage.

Ezra – After he found out that Aria’s mom Ella had faked Emily’s test scores, he confronted her about it — and quickly learned that she is being blackmailed about it and her job was in jeopardy. Or, at least it was until Ezra (who doesn’t have much to lose with him already being unemployed) took the fall to the Vice-Principal and kept her safe. Do you think this changes things for the two when it comes to him dating Aria? We think so.

In a way to make Emily feel a little less like people were just feeling sorry for her, Ezra gave her another test to take — just to show her that she obviously knows the stuff covered on the test.

Jenna – It didn’t take too long for one of the Liars to expose Jenna — and it was headstrong Hanna who pulled the trigger after watching her drive to a gun store. Why did she hide her secret? She had a pretty good explanation — after someone tried to burn down her house, she wanted to still appear weak.

As for her role in “that night,” she had a pretty interesting explanation. She actually tried to help drive Emily home, but she jumped out of her car before she could make it happen. It appears that Jenna is also hiding from someone, and we actually saw a more sympathetic side to her this week as a result. Surprised? We are, and we love the twist.

Mona – She may enjoy spending time with Lucas, but she sure doesn’t seem to feel the same about Caleb. She threw a hissy fit the moment he called her out on her game. Speaking of games, who else was freaked out by the closing shot at the end with the Queen of Hearts?

What was your favorite moment from this episode of “Pretty Little Liars“, and why do you think Melissa pulled the stunt that she did with the baby?

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