‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Will Raj find love?

Is Raj ready for romance?

Of our biggest criticisms at times for “The Big Bang Theory” is how quickly some of the characters have evolved into relationships, but there is still one man standing alone when it comes to the single life — Kunal Kayyar’s Raj.

So when is this going to change? Based on the kind of person he is, it still looks like he has his work cut out for him. Just in the past two seasons, he got into bed with Penny (even though nothing really happened), fell in love with Siri from his iPhone, and went on a date with the world’s meanest deaf person. Considering that he cannot even talk to a normal woman without alcohol, how can he really even make a relationship work?

Speaking to E! News, the show’s executive producer in Bill Prady, he still appears to be a bit more optimistic than us in regards to the character’s romantic future in the short-term:

“It’s certainly something he hopes for, and when something is the goal of the character, it doesn’t go away … I think Howard getting married has been a big thing, especially going into season six. Now with Howard and Bernadette becoming a social unit and Raj feeling on the outside, I certainly think his love life comes into play in season six.”

If Raj does find love, we hope it’s of the slow-burn variety so we really get to see more of his emotional journey. He’s always been the sweetest, least-cynical member of the gang, and we would hate to see that change just because the writers feel the need to rush things along. Then again, we also wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him single a while longer — while it would be sad, it would also seem strange for a quartet of geeky guys to all have significant others.

Do you want to see Raj find love next season — and if so, what sort of woman should the lucky lady be?

Photo: CBS

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