‘The Glass House’ live stream: Watching it so you don’t have to


Following the uninspired (and at times mind-numbing) premiere of “The Glass House” Monday night, we really wanted to give the show another chance to show us that there may have been something we were missing. With that in mind, we went ahead and checked in on the show’s live stream Tuesday afternoon.

Basically, the differences from the “Big Brother” live feed were obvious from the get-go. While watching that feed often means looking at multiple screens of people falling asleep, it at least feels real. This feed, however, makes it seem as though producers wrangled everyone into one room and forced them to sit around and play a game. The game this time? A spelling bee, or as we prefer to call it, a cure for insomnia.

We cannot think of anything less engaging than watching people we barely know try to spell words with little to gain from it. The contestants were all obviously bored, we could barely stand to watch 25 minutes, and we really didn’t understand the point of this. If you want to get viewers engaged in the cast members, why not have them just act natural to some extent? Sure, you would have to make sure they were all awake and ready to hang out, but that’s really the worst of it. Since we are only seeing such a small sample of these people’s day, we don’t get all of the references. It’s like being stuck at a party with five people making jokes that you don’t get.

At this point, we’re losing what little hope we did have that this show could somehow have a redeeming quality to it. We went into the live stream hoping to get a better sense of who these people were, but instead it was drab and devoid of any element of surprise. It’s becoming more and more clear that while producers clearly wanted these people in a house, they were more than a little bit clueless as to what to do with them once they got there.

Did you catch any of “The Glass House” stream Tuesday afternoon, and were you just as horrified watching it as we were?

Photo: ABC

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